SINAUTEC, Automobile technology, LLC


At Sinautec Automobile Technologies, L.L.C., our mission is to make electric public transportation a reality for American cities.  In partnership with Shanghai Aowei Technology Corporation, we have developed a series of high performance electric buses and minibuses using our patented ultracapacitor technologies. Compared to diesel or CNG buses, Sinautec's ultracapacitor buses have low maintenance cost, low operation cost, zero tailpipe emission, and can reach a zero carbon footprint if powered by renewable energy sources. The ultracapacitor buses have been servicing the Greater Shanghai area since August 2006. With over one hundred vehicles in operation, the ultracapacitor buses have over two million miles of operation mileage and served over ten million passengers. The ultracapacitor bus was one of the featured products of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.