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DR2R Models Supercapacitor

A capacitor is an energy storage device where electricity is stored in the form of a static charge.  This compares to batteries, where the electricity is stored in the form of chemical energy.  Whereas a regular capacitor consists of conductive foils and a dry separator, an organic ultracapacitor crosses into battery technology by using electrodes and electrolyte that allow it to store exponentially more electricity compared to a regular capacitor.

The Shanghai Aowei Technology Development Limited Corporation has developed a series of high performance electric buses using its patented ultracapacitor technologies.  Compare to conventional diesel or CNG buses, ultracapacitor bus has the advantage of lower maintenance cost, lower fuel cost, and zero tailpipe pollution.  When the bus stops to pick up passengers at a bus stop, the overhead charger charges the ultracapacitor inside the bus.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s 2007 emission requirement mandates that all large buses manufacturered after 2007 satisfy strict emission standards.  A more stringent standard will phase into effect starting 2010 that will disqualify the use of diesel engine buses on emission grounds.  Aowei’s ultracapacitor electric bus satisfies the strict 2010 EPA standards. Aowei’s ultracapacitor buses have been serving two bus lines in the city of Shanghai since 2006, with three more bus lines scheduled to enter service in 2009.  Sinautec Automobile Technologies, L.L.C. is a Delaware Limited Liability Company with the exclusive distribution agreement with Shanghai Aowei Corp. to sell, market, and distribute ultracapacitor and ultracapacitor related products in North America.